as i was thinking of a filename for my "i have to start exercising in the pool again" page, i thought that i have to get back in the pool, and i like my filenames to have 8 characters (i started on the ibm pcjr, when that's all that was allowed), so i thought to name it "back2pool.html". i know that's 9 characters, but "back2pool" got me thinking to do a "back 2 good" parody about getting "back 2 pool".

anyway, i am blubber. i don't like the blubber i see when i look in the mirror. i've not been going in the pool because i have been trying to get myself placed in the search-engines, but i think i will go back in the pool today. it's green, i guess i should buy shock, but i can go in when it's green if i wear my scuba-suit. i'll be getting a new liner this summer. i hope to get one that is dark and thick, so that it will trap heat and not tear. i guess my liner is 11 years old, and i guess it's not inconceivable that tears would be there.

oh, the casino has been taking up a bit of my time, as well...but the main reason i've not been in the pool is because of my site. there's a blonde hunk who works at the casino...i just want to walk past him and say "i love you" without looking up, like niles did to c.c. ha.

well, i'm gonna go now. bye.

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