nobody can take my money away from me, no matter what my mom's spite says to me. no judge is going to tell me that i need someone to handle my money, because no judge told mc hammer that he needs someone to handle his money.

"The standard under which a person is deemed to require a guardian differs from state to state. In some states the standards are different, depending on whether a complete guardianship or a conservatorship over finances only is being sought. Generally a person is judged to be in need of guardianship when he or she shows a lack of capacity to make responsible decisions. A person cannot be declared incompetent simply because he or she makes irresponsible or foolish decisions, but only if the person is shown to lack the capacity to make sound decisions. For example, a person may not be declared incompetent simply because he spends money in ways that seem odd to someone else. Also, a developmental disability or mental illness is not, by itself, enough to declare a person incompetent."

my mom was hell-bent on having me invest my 2015 lump-sum.  i told her i wanted to wait until september to invest it, and that's why i cancelled the appointment that SHE MADE with a financial advisor. yes, she made the appointment. i told her that she could when she asked me, though i did tell her days before that i wanted to wait until after september on account of the shemita, but i did not think that she'd want to go with me. i did not think that she'd make it at an inconvenient time - 10am. she wanted me to get to her house at 9 so that we'd have time to drive downtown and meet. for me to have gotten to her house at 9, i'd have had to leave my house by 8:20, which means i'd have had to get out of bed and start the day well before 8am. that wasn't going to happen.

but you should have heard her yelling and screaming when i told her that i canceled. she was hurling out all of these accusations towards whoever wrote the book "the harbinger" which talks of the shemita. "he's making millions from fear-mongering" is basically what she said. i worked very hard to get you that money," she said, though i have a lot of papers related to the court-case, and my dad's writing were all over them. i remember my dad taking me to albert stark's house - albert is the lawyer my parents hired after the accident. anyway, my mom was very opposed to my not investing until september. she even said that i would be missing out on "a few thousand dollars," but i know that three months does not $3,000 make. ha. that was like erin babcox's line in "barefoot in the park," when she said to jason hessler-smith, "six days does not a week make". ha.

i don't need to invest, anyway. i have money coming every month for the rest of my life. i have a house worth twice as much as what i owe against it, so i don't need to invest. i can be mc hammer and spend it all, i get another lump-sum in five years, anyway.

she is so possessive. she never did this for any of the 4 lump-sums before 2015. "i have a stake in it," is what she actually said to me just a few months ago. i've offered to give her money throughout the years, but she doesn't want it. she just wants to approve of what i do with it. she wants me to invest it for my future, but i get money every month for my future, so can't i make my life better now?

"sell your house and buy a smaller one," "get rid of two of your dogs so you only have one," "i bought a plane ticket to take you to new jersey so that we can meet with albert stark and make sure your money is IRON-CLAD". she has said these things. oh, she didn't say much when i told her i had someone build a greenhouse around my pool, but i felt her anger that day in the restaurant.

i think she has given up on me because i cancelled the appointment with the investor. "maybe i should leave you alone and let you do things on your own," she said. "gee, thanks, mom, i'm 41 years old," is what i said.

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