i was downstairs, rummaging through the kitchen - the newly-cleaned kitchen that my newly-hired maid cleaned (insurance is going to be paying for it, on account of my brain- injury) - and i was just thinking of being at home all day when i got the idea to do this song.

i should do another parody of "just like heaven" and call it "just like seth can" about how i want to be as known for my website as seth is known for his band, les savy fav. seth took my virginity three times - i went to the neshaminy mall for the first time with him, i saw "beetlejuice" for the first time with him, i bought "kiss me, kiss me, kiss me" because he was such a fan...and i became cure-ious. ha. curious of "the cure".

this one's kind of like my "in your room" parody, "in my room," about how i don't go out much. i was at the casino when i was thinking of doing that parody, and i was thinking of seth because i bought the album that featured "in your room" at the neshaminy mall with seth.

show me, show me, show me how you do that trick
the one that makes you be content with nothing like my clan of friends
ooh, your heart astounds me, yes
show me how you do it cuz i want it, dude, don't want to feud if i must stay in-room
when my gas-tank needs fuel

living's what you missed, they said, guys live for greatness on weekends
i dream to have a diff'rent way to satisfy my soul
i don't want to go away with friends, i want to get it home when i need fun to do
that's why i envy you

you, soft and homey - you, oft unlonely
you make your great times dancing in the shallow pool-end,
singing with the songs that you loved in your teens
just like my dreams

may life kick me into shape, i love that teen who's thirty-eight
who's twenty-six, eightteen or eight, i know i love your mind
i vow to get my own as vogue and own the love that makes you beam
that's all i hope for, your self-love, now i'll get my self-esteem

you, soft and homey - you, oft unlonely - you, touched by heaven
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