to whom it may concern:

i am 41, and i feel like a 16 year-old. i don't just "feel" like a 16 year-old, i have been told by a neurologist that my brain-injury will make it hard for me to work out of the adolescent's mind-set.

i am 41, and i feel that i would relate to 16 year-olds much better than i relate to adults. this is because my brain-injury makes me regard myself as an adolescent. i just need someone i can talk to, and relate to, on the level that i am at. i don't care about sex. if i find the right 16 year-old then i would like to form a relationship with, and grow into adulthood with, that 16 year-old. i don't believe that 16 year-olds should be having sex, therefore i will wait 2 years for my relationship to enter adulthood.

but, let me put aside my opinion that 16 year-olds should not be having sex, just so that i can deliberate.

if society is celebrating and embracing bruce jenner and chastity bono, as well as a lot of other people who ignore reality and let their emotions turn them into a bunch of cross-eyed and gender-denying deaf-mutes, why should i be treated any differently? why should i not be accepted as a cross-eyed and age-denying deaf-mute? if a man can go into a bathroom that's meant for members of the shorter/smaller/weaker gender, be it at planet fitness or anywhere else, then i should be able to date 16 year-olds. and i should be able to have sex with any willing 16 year-old. i AM a sixteen year-old - i think like a 16 year-old, i act like a 16 year-old, it's the way i am. if bruce jenner SAYS he is female, if chastity bono SAYS she's a man, then i'm gonna SAY i'm an adolescent. and i'm gonna be a perfect gentleman when i date a 16 year-old. i'll even hold the movie-theater's door open BEFORE i enter.

it wouldn't be a matter of child-abuse or pedophilia for me, an adolescent just as much as jenner is a female, to have sex with a 16 year-old, but it IS child-abuse for anyone to deny me the right to be a child. just because bruce gender-dysfunction was born with a penis, well, that doesn't mean he's not a lady. just because i was born in 1974, well, that doesn't mean that i'm not an adolescent.

i am sick and tired of people telling me to act my age. "how old are you," i can still hear these insulting words coming from a young man during one of my physical-therapy appointments in 1993. i am 16 and i am proud of it! i will form a relationship with another adolescent if i want to, and i will wait two years for sex so i can be more of a gentleman than any sex-starved moron who is twice my age. i shouldn't have to wait, though, just because other reality-deniers are LEGALLY RECOGNIZED as the gender that's been forcibly implanted on them in a game of "pin the tail on the donkey".

where's my certification of legitimacy?

dylan terreri, i
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna