your employees make me feel like a fool. i have had no proof of the existence of what i was asking for, but now i do. let me give you a headline:

Prepaid debit cards — tied to a casino customer’s rewards account — have been approved for wagering on Nevada slot machines following changes in state gaming regulations.

i find it just as "morally reprehensible" as cher's character found nicholson's character in a scene from "the witches of eastwick," that your casino can load money onto "club cards" but can't load real money onto "club cards". i am offended that someone won't get a slot-machine to spit out a voucher for any amount that i pay at the desk with my credit/debit-card.

i can't take $5,000-$10,000 out of an atm. even if i could, even if i got only $100 bills, it's ridiculous to presume that nobody's going to steal it from me. that's not a jab against the blacks who go your casino, because whites are also thieves around that kind of money.

you have the technology to load money onto "club cards," you have the ability to give me cash from my credit/debit-card, so you don't even have to follow nevada and offer prepaid debit-cards - all you have to do is train one of your workers to put the cash from a credit-card onto someone's "club card" instead of in their hands.

speaking of things being morally reprehensible, how on earth can you have the "adult titles" room off to the side wherein one can bet $45 (and possible more) at once? 45 plus 45 is 90. two bets with a $100 bill. who the heck has the patience to keep loading $100 bills into a slot-machine? well, besides prince, who had a song called "joy in repetition". ha. i don't know if your slot-machines accept $500 or $1000 bills, but i know that these bills are not commonplace, so i know i won't ever have one in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.

i was told that the "cash services" room is a seperate entity from the casino. that's fine, but i'm sure i won't lose focus if i had to pay with my credit/debit-card upstairs and then have my money loaded onto my "club card" downstairs. just give me a little slip of paper upstairs, i'll bring it downstairs to have the money loaded onto my "club card".

this one time, not at band-camp, i won a tournament at the casino. guess where my money was loaded? ONTO MY "CLUB CARD". ergo, i've experienced your ability to load money for the slots onto my "club card," i've experienced your ability to get cash from my debit/credit-cards, so what i am asking for is simply something that nobody wants to do for me.

unless anyone can give me a legitimate reason why this cannot be done, your employees are going to be talking like cameron frye: "he'll keep calling me, he'll keep calling me until i come over". without a valid reason, and with my brain-damaged mind, i'll keep asking you. i'l keep asking you until you give me a reason.

tracy chapman says "give me one reason to stay here, and i'll turn right back around". i say "give me one reason you can't do this, and i'll stop being a broken record".

i won a tournament, i got money loaded onto my "club card". if that didn't happen, i'd probably believe what i was told today about how the "club cards" are used only for points.

dylan terreri, i