to passavant, cranberry:

in november, i was in my car and stopped at a stop-light in front of rivers casino. when the light turned green, i would assume that the vag-girl in back of me took a cue from the cars around her and put on the gas without checking to see if the car in front of her had started moving. the idiot vagina rammed into my car, i got her insurance-information, and i went on my way. hours later, my left testicle was swollen and hurt a lot, so i went to passavant's emergency room.

when i got to the emergency room that day, i was offended to learn that i'd be examined by a vag. this vag would soon be using a handheld-device to massage/x-ray my balls with. now, in this day and age of equality, i'd have expected a man to be the one examining my balls. i don't want any vag-girl to be looking at my balls. it offends me. it offends me as much as any vag-girl is offended by the notion of any man-doctor who is examining her egg-bleeding vagina or her milk-spouting MOMmary glands. i was offended, but what choice did i have? i put up with passavant's sexist inconsideration and offensiveness, and i soon got pills which stopped the swelling and the pain.

it is january 24th now, almost a month and a half after i was injured, and i went to passavant for a reason that was related to the incident in november you see, i have been going to the bathroom every 3-4 hours since the vag-girl at passavant used the handheld-device to x-ray my balls with. i didn't think anything of my frequent urination for a week or two after my injury, i'm sure, and i even bought "super beta prostate" when i noticed that i had frequent urination. i hear commercials for "super beta prostate" all of the time - commercials which state that an enlarged prostate is the cause of frequent urination.

the pills did not work, so i just tried to stop drinking as much. it never even occurred to me that my balls had received some kind of x-ray technology, and that this could be the reason for my interrupted sleep at night and my interrupted gambling during the day.

it took me a while to liken a faulty operation to, say, a faulty alarm-clock. or, better yet, to maxwell sheffield's "i love you" which he said to fran fine and later took back. it took me a while to realize the fact that, although i couldn't "take back" my going to passavant and being victimized by passavant's all-female staff of ditz-doctors, i could just go there and tell them what happened. it was just last night when i realized that i could tell passavant of the abuse they have caused me, so i went to passavant this morning to tell them that i had received a faulty product from a faulty (female) physician.

that's all i intended to do, to tell passavant that i had been victimized by passavant, but when i got to passavent i was told that nothing could be done unless i was looked at by a doctor. now, if i had not been "traumatically brain-injured" at 16 - if i do not forget things easily - i would have immediately refused to be seen by the same hospital which likely gave me the problem in the first place. i do have TBI, though, and i do forget things easily, so i agreed to be seen. well, after i changed into the hospital-gown, and after i was alone in the room and waiting to be seen, i started to dress myself.

luckily, i remembered that i was supposed to be at the casino at noon...if i did not remember then i would have let one of your vagina-doctors examine me with the same x-ray/ultrasound device which probably caused my problems in the first place.

now, first of all, i really don't appreciate the vaginas you hire thinking that they have the right to examine any man's body without first asking the man if he would mind - and without providing the option of a real doctor. oh, i mean a man-doctor. i was very uncomfortable because of passavant's sexist and all-female staff. i don't like not being in my comfort-zone. why does passavant cater to the insecurities of "strong" women by hiring a multitude of vaginas? why does passavant cater to "strong" women's comfort-zones? all of the employees i came in contact with at the hospital were members of the shorter/smaller/weaker/less hungry and less horny gender. this is very offensive, especially when the membership of MENSA is dominated by intellectual MEN. let me just say that i do not trust any vagina-doctor for this reason. vaginas are not as smart as men. vaginas get into the military (and onto many police-forces) by taking advantage of compromised physical requirements, so how do i know that any vagina-doctor is legally a doctor as a result of her all-around-insufficient gender rather than as a result of her ability?

back to my original point - it appears to me that passavant hires a plethora of females only to cater to the "strong" women who are offended at the notion of being examined by members of the bigger/taller/stronger/hungrier/hornier gender, so why doesn't passavant cater to men who are offended when they're examined by any member of the lesser gender? i was very offended that i saw ABSOLUTELY NO MEN working in the emergency-room, but i was also very offended that (after i made it clear that i had to be somewhere) i was asked many times to stay for the examination. one vag leaves the room, another one comes in and tells me to stay. that vag leaves, and another one comes in to tell me that she can't make me stay, but if i would come back then i'd have to go through everything all over again.

let's review - passavant's employees are pushy bullies for asking me to stay when i said i had to go, as well as for telling me that nothing could be done about my complaint without my being examined. let's review - passavant is a sexist hospital, justified by the all-girl staff in the emergency-room. let's review - passavant wanted to do more damage to me by putting me through another examination after i told them that their first examination was faulty.

if i hadn't remembered that i had to be at the casino today, i'd be $160 poorer and i'd probably have something else wrong with my balls. heck, i wouldn't be surprised if the jealous vaginas you have working for your hospital would have sucked all the testosterone from my balls so that i was as meek, meager and insufficient as a "strong woman" is.

i expect passavant to hire more men. i demand for passavant to stop catering to the fantasies of superiority which are held by members of the shorter/smaller/weaker gender. i demand that passavant realize that some men are as weak and unstable as the token "strong woman" is, and therefore don't want members of other genders examining them.

furthermore, passavant will be looking at a lawsuit if they don't provide a man-doctor to undo the damage that passavant's vagina-girls did to my testicles.

passavant has my records, anyone can contact me through replying to this email or by phone or by mail. but i don't respond to messages left by members of the shorter/smaller/weaker gender. now, i have been in the bathroom every 3 hours since passavant put radiation on my balls, and i am prepared to sue passavant.

dylan terreri, i

passavant has my records, my mailing-address and my phone-number.