to whom it may concern:

there was a car-crash on freedom road yesterday. some vagina-vag was killed, but what is even worse than that is that a man was sent to the hospital. let me tell you about freedom road, and why law-enforcement is to blame for this tragedy.

the speed-limit on freedom road is 40 or 45, sometimes it may be 35. there is a spot on freedom road where the two lanes merge into one. whenever i am approaching this spot, i have to check my rearview-mirror to make sure that nobody's close enough to put me in danger. i am not sammy hagar and i drive the speed-limit, but there are so many times that i see a car one-quarter of a mile in back of me that is quickly and illegally catching up to my legal speed, so i have to step on the gas-pedal to prevent the car from catching-up with me right when the 2 lanes turn into 1 lane. i've had a horrendous near-death experience when this has happened before, and i will not let it happen again.

if they were local residents, i'm sure that both the dead pussyvag and the hospitalized man were driving ten to matchbox-twenty miles over the speed-limit. THIS TRAGEDY COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED IF THE POLICE WERE OUT TO STOP SPEEDERS INSTEAD OF WASTING TIME CONTACTING THE FBI IN RESPONSE TO MY VOICING MY COMPLAINTS ABOUT AIRPLANES FLYING TOO LOW. i have emailed the police many times, both the butler county/cranberry township police as well as the beaver county/new sewickley township police, but there has been no crackdown on fast cars driven by anyone - not by white people and not by tracy chapman or any negro at all. there needs to be a crackdown on people who drive too fast on freedom road. if there had been a crackdown and people stopped driving at offensive speeds, then the pussyvag would still be bleeding eggs and spouting milk today, and the man would not have gone into the hospital. and i wouldn't have become offended today. and i would not be writing the essay about the hospitalized man and the dead vag-hole.

speed is not only offensive, speed kills people - men and vag-holes alike. i guess that's the state of the world today, where nobody is speaking out or doing anything to stop offensive actions which lead to death. case-in-point: lesser military-requirements to accommodate the presence of members of the lesser gender will lead to the death and defeat of soldiers who are supposed to have each others' backs (what did lois lane say after superman took her and flew her to safety - she said, "you've got me, who's got you?"). female soldiers are unable to carry wounded men to safety, and i'm sure this physical hindrance/disability shines through in every aspect of "women in combat".

i don't appreciate how police seem to be taking a cue from the public's acceptance of "vaginas in combat," i don't appreciate how the police are accepting the vag-holes (and men) who don't drive the speed limit. if policemen did their jobs, word would get around at the number of speeding-tickets being issued to drivers on freedom road, and people would stop driving interstate-speeds on a local road.


no, i am not happy that another vag-hole is dead. that vag-hole had a life, she had dreams and aspirations, i feel bad because the vag-hole may have had a dog who depended on and loved her. even worse, what if the vagina had young children who aren't responsible enough to tend to the dog? what kind of life would that poor puppy-dog lead? the negligence of the police is so unfeeling at times. when police negatively affect the life of a dog that the young children of a dead vagina cannot take care of, i get angry because the vagina's death could have been prevented. there are so many things that make me sad when i realize that someone's death could have been avoided if the police were a little more responsible. freedom road needs to be monitored until word gets around that it is not a road to speed on.

dylan terreri, i
"When I'm hungry, I eat. When I'm thirsty, I drink. When I feel like saying something, I say it." - Madonna