to giant eagle, cranberry township:

i have a brain-injury, i am permanently disabled, yet i am not worthy of being considered legitimately-handicapped enough to park in the handicapped spots. if i did not have a remote to make my car's horn beep, i would sometimes (and have in the past) spend 15-30 minutes walking around the parking lot and trying to find my car. this one time, not at band-camp but at the baltimore airport, i actually had to be driven around by a security-man in order to find my car.

at giant eagle, i have been able to easily find my car because i have been parking in your sexist parking-spots meant for "new and expectant" mothers, which is really just a parking space for every member of the shorter/smaller/weaker gender (who's going to go ahead and ask a vagina to prove that she's a mother at all?). i have been parking in these spots to compensate for my brain-damaged memory, but now you have put the emblem for retarded people on them, making it illegal to park there if one is not handicapped. a man is perfectly capable of carrying around a few extra pounds, but i thought that a woman can do anything a man can do. are these words bullshit, or do they just not apply when the egg-bleeder's pregnancy makes her stop laying eggs? if you're going to have a parking-spot for the egg-bleeders who aren't bleeding eggs on account of their pregnancy, you should show compassion for ALL handicapped people who aren't legitimately handicapped. including ME and my brain-injury. once you're brain-damaged, you're always brain-damaged...but pregnancy is not a lifetime thing.

what's next? are you going to make your wheelchairs only accessible to females with broken legs or a stubbed toe? i have a traumatic brain-injury, a tbi, and i have trouble finding my car whenever i get out of a store (or an airport). what about me? what about men who've just gotten a liposuction-type of procedure and who are therefore wearing a compression-vest for a while? being pregnant is as much of a disability as being female is, and i realize how every branch of the military has lesser physical-requirements for members of the lesser gender, but that's just a matter of placation to get society to swallow the jagged little pill of gender-equality. giant eagle is a grocery-store, it should not be compensating for vaginas in any way - so if you're going to use your parking-spaces which are meant for tards as parking-spaces for members of the disabled gender, you're going to have to use them for ALL tards and ALL disabled people. gyms like planet fitness allow a male into either locker-room, depending on the identity (or identity-crisis) that the "man" has, so if you're going to say that one group of non-disabled people are allowed to park in the retard-spot then you're going to have to do the same for ALL non-disabled people. i implore giant eagle to remove the "parking for pregnant women" sign from their handicapped-spot, and replace it with a "choose your own disability" sign. being pregnant is not a disability and it should not be treated as such.

if bruce jenner is (along with gay "men") cross-eyed enough to see his own gender as something bought at a curiosity-shop, and if this dysfunction is being hailed and celebrated as legitimate (along with the "a woman can do anything a man can do" misunderstanding), then i should also be able to choose my own reality. if bruce says he's a female then he IS a female. if i say i'm disabled then i AM disabled. though, unlike bruce jender-dysfunction, i can PROVE my disability. i have newspaper-clippings, discharge-papers, i even have a scar on the side of my head. also...i was forced to be tested at agh in pittsburgh, after i wrote some controversial letters to some bimbos at a gym in wexford, and my ability to remember details of a picture i was shown proved to be insufficient, so if you want proof of my memory-handicap then it's at allegheny general hospital.

if members of the shorter/smaller/weaker gender get special treatment just because they're doing what girls are meant to do, i want special treatment too! when i have a stubbed toe, i want to park close to the store. if gay sex made me unable to hold in my potty, i want to be close to the store in case of emergency. if a car-wreck made me unable to remember where i parked my car, i want special treatment.

dylan terreri, i