loney john hutchins: GUILTY!
loney john hutchins, loney john, or simply loneyjohn, tried to steal my loneyhutchins.com domain away from me. my guess is that he was trying to protect his bastard father, loney fred hutchins, as well as his father's company (21st century living services).

loney john hutchins, a singer/performer who goes by loney john hutchins or loney john, trademarked "loney hutchins" the same month that a bunch of other loneyhutchins.xxx domains were registered to point to his fathers' web-pages. it seems to me that "loney hutchins" was trademarked as a way to take the domain away from me, in another effort to protect his father's "good" name. fortunately, the udrp did not cater to loney john's whiney request, and reprimanded loney john with accusations of "reverse domain hijacking". the "loney hutchins udrp" story is all over the internet.

the town of gallatin, tennessee, should be ashamed that they have put loney hutchins on a pedestal for so long. the police department should be ashamed - it wasn't long before 2015 that i emailed the police about my experiences with loney hutchins. do you know what rickey troup said to me? something like "if i remember, you were a patient". i was so offended that i did not write back to him. it sounds like he was trying to justify loney hutchins' mistreatment of me. rickey troup of the gallatin police department should be fired for his insensivity toward the disabled.

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